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Our Shop A.M Fancy(Wholesale & Retail) is running good for more than 20 years successfully with the great support of customers. A.M fancy is not only focusing on the profit more than this, it makes products to come from all over India and it sells for the lesser amount with Great and Good Quality. We are selling products with cheap and lesser amount, those products are very rare and cannot be seen in all over TamilNadu. A customer who visits our shop for the first time will be surprised by seeing things and products in our shop. One time customers used to prefer another customers to A.M Fancy who are willing to buy fancy products. We are very much respectful and earned a good name among customers. Today, we are gaining more and more customers in not only TamilNadu, Customers from other States are ordering fancy products from our shop. Customers from other States are very much Satisfied with our Good fancy products and our Service. A.M. Fancy needed, Women Society to shine in Self Occupation without the dependance of the Men Society. A.M Fancy Joined hands with Aval Vikatan and Conducted many Camps, Classes to the Women Society regarding Jewellery making in the districts like Chennai, Kovai, Madurai, Tirunelveli, Trichy, Pollachi. A.M Fancy is the key stone to Thousands of Women and it helped their life to get enriched. We lightened up in many Women's life and we are the examples for their Growth and Improvement. We got a good Name from the Teachers and Parents by conducted Jewellery making and painting practice classes in the School. We got good status from Feviecryl, Pidilite in Trichy(FCC). We received Special Souvenir Award from Aval Vikatan for conducted practice classes.

"Customers are only Keystone and Investment for us"

"A.M Fancy always Welcomes you!"




Pearl Setting

Pearl Setting Machine for dresses, shaal, chudi, blouse, Bags, Belt, Chappels etc


The word pendant derives from the Latin word pendere and Old French word pendr, both of which translate to "to hang down". It comes in the form of a loose-hanging piece of jewellery, generally attache

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